Let my tell you about my Husband: He loves boats!

I'm married to an odd duck. Ever since he was a kid with a pond behind the farm house, he's been facinated with boats. Not just any boat but home made boats. We didn't have a garage for half of our marriage but he still managed to build one over twenty years ago in our car port. It sank in a month. He determined to build another someday and do it right next time.

For a decade, my Husband dreamed of building the Weekender II plans he saw on the Internet. Finally in the Spring of 2009, he bought the plans. However, only a month after he got the plans, he suffered an accident and broke his leg at the hip. Undaunted, he waited until in his recovery, he could get around on a cane. He solicited the help of a friend and started building the sail boat. It was completed in March of 2010. He recorded the build and posted the video series on Youtube. Click Here

Three years after the sailboat, my Husband decided to experiment with a new building technique: canvas skin stetched over a wooden rib frame. He recorded his efforts in a series of videos on Youtube. Click Here

I didn't help build these boats but we enjoy using them together.

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